“TERF” chaser extraordinaire rewrites women’s history

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Joseph Joseph Goebbels

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”   George Orwell

If there ever were such a thing as a Joseph Goebbels/George Orwell award, Cristan Williams (http://www.transadvocate.com) would be the 2015 winner, or at least runner up for his creative way of rewriting women’s history. Williams is entitled to his opinion, but he has no right to creatively fabricate things that only exist in his fertile imagination.      Women’s history really does matter, and I won’t let someone with an obvious biased political opinion twist, bend, and rewrite our history.

I’m calling the creator of these outrageous distortions of women’s history a liar. There is no evidence that any of these things that supposedly happened 40 years ago really happened. Delusional transgender activists with a deep seated and long standing hatred of “TERFs” don’t get to rewrite women’s history.  In his dogged attempt to root out any and all “TERFs’ from the beginning of time to today, Williams drags up things that supposedly happened in the mid-1970s.   No one knew what a “TERF” was in 1977 because the term has only been around for about 10 years at the most, and few people are familiar with the term. To drum up a little “TERF” witch hunt hysteria, I just wonder how far Williams would go back in time in order brand women “TERF”.  If he read something written in 1600 AD by women that stated a penis isn’t a female organ, he probably would retroactively declare the whole lot of the uppity women “TERFs”. Dead women can’t speak for themselves.   Retroactively declaring women “TERF” takes the “TERF” witch hunt to an entirely new level.

A “TERF” is basically any woman that transgender activists can’t bully or intimidate into silence. Feminist Current explains how “TERF” is used as a handy tool to silence women.

How ‘TERF’ works

July 29, 2014 by Sarah Ditum

“Pay attention, if you’re not already neck-deep in the gender wars of online feminism. TERF is an acronym for “Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist” that its users claim is applied purely descriptively. Critics of the term point out that it is not used neutrally, but in all cases pejoratively: TERF is a curse word used solely against women, a version of “bitch” that liberals can feel OK saying. “TERFs” are charged with inciting and inflicting violence against transgender people, despite the fact that violence against transgender people, like all violence, is overwhelmingly committed by men and not by feminists of any stripe.

The definition of TERF is extraordinarily loose: what one is supposed to be excluding trans people from is never identified. To state that male and female bodies exist can be enough to win the TERF label; to state that the division of sex is the foundation of sexual oppression is more than sufficient. (If your observations of reality have led you to believe that sexual dimorphism in humans is both real and socially relevant, you may be confused to learn that acknowledging this is now deemed evidence of bigotry in some quarters.)  It is also a highly toxic definition to apply to someone, both because of the intimation of violence, and because there is a hefty taboo within the left at large against “excluding” anyone.

Vague in meaning, powerful in effect — two qualities which combine to mean that the word TERF is incredibly handy for anyone who wishes to stop women from discussing our oppression as women, by men. (Who wants to stop women discussing our oppression by men? Usually men, of course.) It is a thought-stopper extraordinaire. ”


In 2015, deeply disturbing threats of violence against women are being made by males. What is their reply to all this terrifying misogyny? Williams goes back nearly 40 years to try and drag up some shit that never happened. Most of the people who were involved, or remotely involved at the time are either dead or are pushing 80 by now. Note that his “interviews” with Stone and others are dated 2014. A 79 year old transwoman, Sandy Stone, is supposed to remember the details of events that happened almost 40 years ago.

http://terfisaslur.com/ and here: https://radfemsrespond.wordpress.com/recent-anti-feminist-hate-speech








There are more examples here: http://terfisaslur.com/ and here: https://radfemsrespond.wordpress.com/recent-anti-feminist-hate-speech

The very title of his articles are biased, and notice how he makes sure “TERF” is in every title.  Any time a woman  has the audacity to open her mouth and state that males aren’t women, and  lesbians aren’t born with a penis, it’s “hatred”.   Sandy Stone is a transgender identified  heterosexual male.  Despite the fact that trans identifying males have referred to themselves as “lesbian”, Sandy Stone is not a lesbian.  The 1970s women’s recording company Olivia Records was a collective of women artists, and many of these women were lesbian.   So, in 1970 in the heyday of second wave feminism a male who is sexually attracted to women was able to sneak into a collective of mostly lesbian feminists.  There certainly was  some  verbal disagreement, but it’s  trumped up bullshit to state, “armed TERFs “ threatened Sandy Stone.

Below is one example of his “TERF” rants.

“TERF hate and Sandy Stone”

“….Raymond engineered a smear campaign that nearly destroyed the Collective and put Stone’s life in jeopardy, culminating in armed TERFs asserting their intention to murder Stone.”


Raymond didn’t engineer anything. The 21 women listed below questioned why a heterosexual male felt the need to enter a women’s collective that was mostly lesbian without openly acknowledging that he is male.. The comments are rather respectful, and at no time was Stone ever threatened.

Scroll down to read the actual letter sent to the 1970s women’s recording company, Olivia. Only in the petty and delusional mind of Cristan Williams does stating the fact that males aren’t women equal to “armed TERFs asserting their attention to murder” a poor transwoman.

This article was written in August 16, 2014. At least, that is the date on the webpage. No one knows when, or if, there was an actual interview. Sandy Stone was born in 1936. Olivia was a 1970’s women’s music company that went out of business in the mid 1970’s. I’m sure a 79 year old transwoman can remember what happened almost 40 years ago.

It’s no secret that Sandy Stone disagreed with Janice Raymond. Every person has a right to his or her own opinions, but to Williams and Stone, it only goes one way. In addition to believing that Professor Raymond has no right to her opinion, Stone has repeatedly referred to Professor Janice Raymond as Nazi. In some of these screen capped comments, Stone discusses ways to best portray Raymond as a Nazi in order to discredit her.


Professor Raymond has written numerous books on important feminist issues such as prostitution and the sex trafficking of women. They will never leave this distinguished professor alone.




As to “armed TERFs asserting their intention to murder Stone” and other delusional exaggerations, show me the evidence.    It’s a fabrication from an obsessed “TERF” hunting loon, and I’m calling Cristan Williams a liar.

(1.) There were no police reports of “armed terfs” threatening Sandy Stone in 1977, or at any time.

(2.) There were no eyewitnesses that can recall what, if anything, happened in 1977 or 1978.

(3.) Not that Wikepedia can be trusted, but there is no mention of “armed terfs” threatening Stone.

Again, stating that males are not female is not the same as threatening someone.


(4.) There is no mention of “armed terfs” in this interview with Stone. This is a LGBT website.    All they do is bitch about Raymond.  Olivia was a 1970’s women’s collective.  In the 1960’s and 1970’s there were women’s collectives and hippie collectives.   Stone says, “Because, one of the principles of the collective is that we were intellectually downwardly mobile. We were not only financially downwardly mobile, but we were conducting an experiment of being intellectually downwardly mobile.”  He joins a 1970’s women’s collective, and then decades  later he calls the collective “financially and intellectually downward mobile”.  Scroll down and read the comments


(5.) In this interview, there is no mention of “terfs” threatening Stone.


(6.) In this extensive interview with Sandy Stone, Stone speaks at length about his work with Olivia in the mid- 1970s. In a meeting in Berkeley, Stone describes a heated discussion with some women, but Stone was not physically threated.


(7.) In Stone’s 1993 article, “The Empire Strikes Back”, there is no mention of “terfs” threatening Sandy Stone. .


This is the letter sent to Olivia regarding Sandy Stone.

Sister, June 1977 Issue

(Published Letter)

Dear Olivia:

We are writing concerning your decision to employ Sandy Stone (formerly ) as your recording engineer and sound technician. We feel that it was and is irresponsible of you to have presented this person as a woman to the women’s community when in fact he is a post-operative transsexual. The decision to work with a transsexual is one issue in itself; but the omission of this information from the public of women who support you was an unwise choice.

We feel that it was deceptive not to share this process with the women’s community. Many women give you their financial support precisely because they trust you to work with women exclusively, and you are not being accountable to these women.

As performers, sound technicians, radio women, producers, and managers — women who put most of our energy and commitment into the field of women’s culture — we are particularly concerned because of the effect this has on us. We were told that Stone was going to be doing sound at an upcoming concert billed as a women-only event. This seemed an odd choice, since there are more than a few competent women sound technicians in the Bay Area. In this instance a transsexual was taking work away from women who have to struggle to gain access to these skills and whose opportunities are extremely limited.

Given the narrow options available to us, it is also likely that many of us would have to work with Stone. Some of us have already done so without the knowledge that this person was not a woman. When we did discover the truth about Stone and tried to discuss this with you, we were told that you considered him very much a woman, a lesbian, and that you trusted him more than middle class, heterosexual women. This was very painful to hear and indicated a great lack of respect and love for women and our struggle.

We do not believe that a man without a penis is a woman any more than we would accept a white woman with dyed skin as a Black woman. Sandy Stone grew up as a white male in this culture, with all the privileges and attitudes that that insures [sic]. It was his white male privilege that gave him access to the recording studio and the opportunity to gain engineering practice in the first place. He has never had to suffer the discrimination, self-hatred or fear that a woman must endure and survive in her life. And he cannot possess the special courage, brilliance, sensitivity and compassion that derives from that experience. How can we share feelings of sisterhood and solidarity with someone who has not had a woman’s experience?

We are aware of the unfortunate necessity to call upon male knowledge or skills on occasion, because women have been so excluded from certain fields. But we would like to trust that it is only used as a last resort, when there are no women available to do the job, and that it is done honestly — not as a hushed-up secret.

In Sisterhood,

D.A. ‘011ie’ Oliveira

Evan Paxton

Sally Piano

Gael Sapiro

Leni Schwendinger

Ruth Scovill

Pat Tinkler

Karla Tonella

Fran Tornabene

Lisa Vogel

Shehar Windstone

Martha Oeiman

JoAnne Barry

Bobbie Birleffi

Alix Dobkin

Susan Elisabeth

Maxine Feldman

Sue Hyde

Bonnie Lockhart

Margot McFederies

Joan Medlin

Copa Mountainmoon